Acoustical Panels generally refer to any specialized construction panel placed on a wall to absorb sound. Sound absorption is achieved through panel construction which includes an acoustical core and a fabric cover. We carry a variety of products to meet your needs. This allows us to design a system to match thickness, color, style, or pricing requirements. Our wide variety of high performance and custom manufactured options enable us to supply the right panel for effective noise control and sound absorption.

An absorption panels is the most basic and widely used sound quality finish treatment. It helps in reduce reverberation and noise by absorbing sound. Performance is engineered by product type, location and the amount of absorbing material require in space.

Gan Sound Acoustic Panels, which are a professional, grade Acoustic Product that is mounted to wall or ceiling surfaces. Acoustic Panels provide an excellent acoustic performance combined with a multitude of fabric wrap finishes, sizes, and configurations that give you limitless design potential. Our Fabric Wrapped Panels are “made to order” based on your specifications. You can even upload your own images so we can create a truly custom, one of a kind panel.


Fabric acoustical panels controls noise efficiently, economically and attractively in any given space. The acoustical panel comes in your choice of fabric. This product has wide sound absorption spectrum.

Absorption Report of 50mm thk. Panels
Absorption Co-efficient

Freq. Abs
125 -0.3
250 0.6
500 0.45
1000 0.3
2000 1.02
4000 1.04