Mosaicblok sound floor isolation barrier is q dense material. It acts as a sound barrier layer in walls, ceilings & floors. It is useful for decoupling floors and walls in isolation application. Isolation pad materials are highly developed & designed to solve problems caused in industrial sectors by vibration & structural borne noise. Our product is unique engineered Butyl & EPDM blend which has high level of physical, mechanical, electrical, thermal & very good level of noise cancellation in any given conditions.

Mosaicblok sound floor underlay is a great floor soundproofing option for hotels, high rises, multi-family homes, office buildings, or any space where you want to block the transmission of airborne and structural born sound from travelling through floors. Mosaicblok sound floor underlay is easy to install and can be placed under any tile, carpet, laminate, hardwood and stone flooring. Aside from being a great way to soundproof a floor, underlay can also be used to improve in-room sound quality.

The most conflicting sound that enters the space is foot fall. When someone is walking on a floor above the home theater room, the energy from their steps is transferred to the floor and from the floor into the sound sensitive area if the home theater structure is not decoupled properly from the rest of the home. Foot Fall can also include other vibrations from the home. These sounds can be very distracting to those watching a movie as not only can it be heard but felt in some cases. Our isolators helps in decoupling of floor to wall & vice versa.


Sandwich acoustic panels were developed to meet the both aesthetic and acoustic requirement for area where echo or reverberation sound need to be eliminated and excellent aesthetic finishes were needed. For a sandwich panel with a thickness of 150mm it can achieve a STC43 and above.


Carpet is an outstanding sound absorptive material. When properly selected, carpet absorbs airborne noise as efficiently as many specialized acoustical materials. Impact sound transmission to rooms below is an acoustical advantage that becomes obvious as soon as carpet is installed over previously hard-surfaced floors. The pronounced “hush” is striking. No other acoustical material performs the dual role of a floor covering and a versatile acoustical aid. We offer carpet with 1.5 mm thick butyl backing with velvet.